Comic Con Video: David Hasselhoff’s party bus

07.22.10 8 years ago 24 Comments

Just a mini-update for now: This was the David Hasselhoff party bus that pulled up out of nowhere as I was coming back from lunch.  It was filled with scantily clad ladies and the Hoff spearheaded the front of the bus, Hasseling the assembled horde with a medley of his hits, such as “Hooked On a Feeling,” the singing of which is considered a hate crime in 37 states.  You might also notice some excessive butt closeups about three quarters of the way through the video.  I apologize for that.  I had the camera zoomed all the way in to try to Hassel as much of the frame as possible with the Hoff, when all of a sudden a bunch more ladies danced by and abruptly distracted me with their gyrating buttox.  I couldn’t zoom out fast enough.  I am ashamed. (It should be noted, the last one is especially badonkadonkalicious).

Anyway, I was too far away to tell if The Hoff was sh*t canned, and I didn’t see him eating any floor burgers, but it was two o’clock in the afternoon. Let’s face it, dude was butthoused.

I’ll have a full gallery (in much more manageable gallery form this time) going up tomorrow, but in the meantime, here’s me and a nice lady from the Lionsgate booth (Buried and The Expendables).  She seemed put off by me asking if the “Get Buried” exhibit included “full release.”  Relax, lady, it’s a fair question.

I think she likes me, you guys!  Wish me luck!  (*bats eyes, clicks tongue, puffs inhaler*)

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