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Good morning, Filmdrunkards, a happy Zombie Jesus/Crappy Bread Day to you all. I’ve added some international shipping rates and dropped international shipping prices on FilmDrunk Shirts. So, as your respective deities command you, go forth, and buy the hell out of them, because daddy needs booze money, forever and ever amen.

Before we get to this week’s Comments of the Week winner, let’s name the Late Comment of the Week. Just because some people wander in from Google a few months or years late to a story doesn’t mean they don’t have just as much to say. Quite the contrary, in most cases. This week’s pick comes from a 2-year-old post about Insane Clown Posse coming out as devout Christians.

Da Thrill says: What this band has done is far from AMAZING! Taking a group of people called “juggalos” who are labeled by this world as outcast and nobodies and showing them that they too can have God’s love upon them :). Kind of reminds me of what Jesus did. Jesus did not come and hang out with the Church. He was in the company of those who were considered sinners and bad people. Did he not blashpheme the church for the way they looked at these types of people and did He not come to save them? You guys can hate on ICP and juggalos all you want because that is what is expected! Hell, they hated on Jesus, the one and only Son of God and murdered him. So keep hating!! ICP and what they have done in the lives of many juggalos are the fruit of their work and I bet they have a stronger following than most priest or pastors will EVER have…………just sayin ;) Whoop whoop MCL

That comment is a perfect example of why I tend to find Juggalos strangely endearing. It’s amazing that a group that would coalesce around a couple of white, rapping murder-clowns would be so relentlessly positive, but there you go. We live in interesting times.

And now for the comment of the week. Lots of goodness as always this week, but I thought this was too clever to be denied. Ragnarok, in the trailer for the Total Recall remake:

A confused Irish guy fights his way through fragmented memories while his pissed off girlfriend tries to kill him? They should’ve just called this “March 18th”.

Nicely done. Email me for your shirt. And now for your runners up.

A close second, Patty Boots in Marky Mark parties with a Teddy Bear in Seth MacFarlane’s Ted:

Patty Boots says: NAWT POOH.

Simple, effective.

From Tyler Perry was a victim of racial profiling (not really):

 says: The movie version will be called, “Tyler Perry’s Black Profiles,” and he plays a guy named Bob Profiles who is racially profiled because he is black. …Is that too on the nose?

Tyler Perry’s “I Can Drive Bad All By Myself”

: Tyler Perry’s “Driving Like a Mad Black Woman”.

From David Lynch’s latest attempt to seem super weird backfires, actually makes him seem normal:

The Evil Twin: So you’re saying David Lynch has Tim Burton’d himself with this?

From The Twins sequel may have been Arnold’s fault:

Porkythefirst: DVD Commentary: Dis is vere Danny and I meet vit Eddie. And Eddie is ahr brother, vich is funny because he’s black. Ve are meeting Eddie now and it is funny to vatch. Ve are shocked because, “you are black” I say. Den Danny says “mebbe he iss from vun of da brown eggs” vich is funny because dere are in real life, brown eggs you can buy at da supamahket.

That is disturbingly believable.

From Horse tries to rape a cop:

La Schmoove: Not cool, Horse! WHOA MEANS WHOA!!

From Battle Bang, an MMA porno starring Kylee Reese:

Stallonewolf: “Come on me if you want to live.” -Kylee Reese

And that about does it. A fine job of commenting all around. GO TEAM! (*ass pats, towel snaps*)

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