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This week’s comments of the week winner receives Goodbye Solo, which is out on DVD August 25th. I’ll attach the trailer below.

Solo (Souléymane Sy Savané) is a cheerful 34-year-old taxi driver from Senegal hoping for a better life in America. But when the hard-edged William (Red West), a 70-year-old white Southerner, enters Solo’s cab with an unusual request, this odd couple embarks on a journey that will change them both forever.
Winning the International Critics Prize at the 2008 Venice Film Festival, Goodbye Solo was directed by Ramin Bahrani (Chop Shop), a recipient of the 2008 Independent Spirit Award’s “Someone to Watch” prize and who Roger Ebert called “the new great American director.”

And as always, nominate for next week’s comments of the week in the comments section below.  This week, there was a clear comments of the week winner.  From the NEVERENDING STORY VAN post:

trishalinedm says:  Listen you douchbags this is my husbands custom truck that he has had since 79 and is a piece of art. Something that us vanners take pride in something that we work hard for. You guys are just jealous because you couldn’t possibly own anything of value and have to sit on your asses all day because you have no life and rag on anything that you can just to get your kicks and in the mean time you have no idea who this person is you are trashing!! You are trashing his reputation!! Do you know that is a crime to give out false information about people unless you have information to back up your comments that you are sending out to millions of people?? Its called defremation of charachter!! I’d watch your tongues if I were you? How would you feel if you were called a child molestor?? Unless you know the person you are talking about you shouldn’t talk about anyone!! You want to rag on me too? I have a custom truck with a mural of the wizard of oz on it!! These are award winning trucks and we are just 2 out of hundreds of other custom vans out there. And we are very much regular people with ordinary lives!! So you should not speak of what you do not know of!! So get a life douchbags!!!

Sadly, I have to disqualify her on account of the post she commented on was six months old.  But “defremation of charachter?”  That’s gold.  Also receiving honorable mention, Pauly Dangerously in the CABIN IN THE WOODS POSTERS thread, not that this comment seems to have anything to do with that.  But it does nicely sum up the mentality of the FilmDrunk commenter:

Påüłÿ Ðąηgęrσűşľγ says: If Jesus was one of us, he’d probably try f*cking the hole in his hand.

Well sure, it’s probably nice and warm.  Next up, Vodka in the SACHA BARON COHEN DOES EUROVISION thread:

Vodka says: Eurovision is what you see when you look down your nose at someone.


Pauly Dangerously says: White people teaching a black person how to be athletic?  Yeah, and I learned how to C-walk from Christopher Reeves.

Vodka says: Crash’s Sandra Bullock really disagrees with The Blind Side’s Sandra Bullock.


ChinoMoreno says: Every time a pedophile rings, a rape angel gets her wings.

Donkey Hodey says: Alternate Title: Touched By an Angel Who was Touched by a Rapist.

Next up, Pauly Dangerously in the ONG BAK 2 TRAILER, scoring with the always popular comment-meant-to-be-sung-to-the-tune-of-a-popular-song.

Påüłÿ Ðąηgęrσűşľγ says: Tony was a man/who’ll knee you in the face and/backflip of an elephant tusk.

Tony left his home/to live up in a jungle. People said “He’s f*cking nuts”.

Ong Bak, Ong Bak, Ong Bak to where you once belonged…

Meanwhile Oski reminded me of childhood in the GI JOE WON’T SCREEN FOR CRITICS thread:

Oski says: ‘I’m interested to see if Wayans survives the whole film.’  He’ll survive, but the rubber o-ring holding his upper and lower torso together might snap and they’ll need to rig a rubber band to hold him together.


Donkey Hodey says: The two warring vampire factions?  Crypts and Bloods, of course.

And finally, your winner, I thought Token Black Guy in the I HOPE THEY SERVE BEER IN HELL TRAILER thread was just a slight notch above the competition this week:

Token Black Guy says: If I wanted to witness a stripper mock someone for being a nerd I’d go visit my mother in prison.

Well done, Token, now send me your address to collect your Goodbye Solo DVD.  In related news, a “goodbye solo” is what I call it when I masturbate while being ejected from the strip club.

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