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When Contra met Duck Hunt.  Pretty self-explanatory, and pretty awesome. [via Buzzfeed]


  • UFC fighter Gray Maynard has herpes (hopefully just face herpes?).  The next Valtrex ad should just be him ground and pounding a dork in a black turtleneck that has “outbreaks” written on it. |Recall|
  • Who’s the best movie prostitute?  Lately I’d have to say Vince Vaughn.  Oh, wait, they mean people who play prostitutes, my mistake.  |Gunaxin|
  • Lego Rock Band to feature Iggy Pop as a Lego.  Wait.. Lego… Rock Band?  Like, animated versions of Lego versions of rock stars?  Gamers are weird.  |ToplessRobot|
  • Smoking Section presents Smoking Sessions, with KRS-1 and Buckshot. |SmokingSection|
  • The Death Star explosion was 9/11 for Storm Troopers.  I see what you did there. |CollegeHumor|
  • Here’s the Jay Leno Drinking Game for the first Jay Leno Sh– aw, crap, that was last night?  I can’t believe I missed that!  |Videogum|
  • Knock know.  Who’s there?  Interrupting Kanye.  Interrupting Kanye wh– Yo, no disrespect, I just wanna say the Helen Keller joke about the cheese grater is way better than this one… |HolyTaco|
  • If Amazon suggestions told the truth.  |ScreenJunkies|
  • I have no idea what this caption means, but the picture cracked me the F up. |WithLeather|
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