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05.05.08 47 Comments

Clearly Corey Haim’s four-figure gamble has paid off, as he has landed a mullet that would put Billy Ray Cyrus to shame and a movie role just inches away from Amy Smart’s nipple.  You might remember Amy Smart’s nipple from one of my all-time favorite topless scenes in Road Trip.  

Sadly, I don’t think this guy’s use of posters is going to turn out as well.  Poor little kitty.

But it’s nice to see that everything’s coming up Haim.  Even his technologically advanced futuristic virtual website place is getting a redesign.  I hope they don’t mess it up – as anyone who saw it the first time I posted it can attest, it rivaled Bruce Greenwood’s in superior information architecture. 

In related news, I’ve decided it’s perfectly acceptable to bring my laptop in with me while I’m taking a dump, so I guess you could say we’re both doing pretty well.

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