Crazy Twilight lady makes everyone sad

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06.07.10 46 Comments

(Lady, just adopt some cats)

People recently had a feature on Twilight fanatics and their shrines to their own unhealthy obsessions (next week: Bulimics pose with jars of their own puke!).  Most of them were teenagers, and thus might be forgiven for being idiots, but they had to include at least one token house wife.  Judging by the depressing number of fully-grown women with children who came into Barnes and Noble while I was there yesterday to pick up Stephenie Meyer’s brand new novella The Second Short Life of Bree Tanner, there are lots of them.  That’s a book about an army of newborn vampires, by the way.

After her husband refused to let her decorate their bedroom, Moore transformed the guest bedroom of her Katy, Texas, home into a “Twilight fantasy.” “One of my best friends says she wants to spend her birthday in there!” she told PEOPLE. “Everyone who has seen my Twilight room either loves it or thinks I’m crazy.”

Is your best friend seven?  I hope your best friend is seven.

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