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Earlier this week I brought you the distressing news that Werner Herzog and Nic Cage’s Bad Lieutenant (trailer here, with naughty language) wouldn’t receive much of a theatrical release.  Luckily, like my ejaculations, those fears have proved premature.  From ThePlaylist:

We got in touch with the film’s publicists who kindly forwarded us the current rollout plan, and it looks something like this:

November 20th — NY, LA, Chicago, San Francisco, DC, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal
November 25th — Boston, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Diego, Seattle, Phoenix
December 4th and/or 11th — New Orleans, Austin, Atlanta, Houston, Ottawa

As this is a platform release, success in those markets will help push it out to more cities and theaters across the country, possibly even surpassing (though we doubt it) the 35-city plan that has been hinted to us from our sources in the know. So, if you are in one of the aforementioned cities, do us all a favor and buy a ticket.

Phew.  After Cage fought so hard for Werner Herzog’s singing iguanas (note: I am not making any of this up), I don’t know what I’d do if i couldn’t see this on the big screen. Probably kill myself.  Upon hearing the news, Nic Cage breathed a sigh of relief and wiped the sweat from his brow.  It takes a handkerchief the size to two city blocks!

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