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08.20.09 12 Comments

Daily Circle Jerk Links:

Exhausting a Meme: A Gallery of Falcon Punches |Unrealitymag|

Messed-up TV commercials from the 1960’s |ScreenJunkies|

Ferrets: The Pursuit of Excellence |WarmingGlow|

There’s a Twilight sex toy.  It sparkles. Buy one to display on your sanitary pad shelves (safe for work) |Cinematical|

The 5 Worst Sports Excuses. Wait, I don’t see, “She told me she was 19” anywhere on here. |OpenSports|

The Sony PS3 is getting smaller, cheaper. |SmokingSection|

New Sexman video: “I Don’t Know What the Hell Boba Fett Is.” |Heeb|

John Hughes tribute: a video retrospective of boobs (NSFW) |Buzzfeed|

~ robopanda [picture source]

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