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08.25.09 6 Comments

Daily Circle Jerk Links:

Facebook screengrab: Nobody Likes Aimee. |thehighdefinite|

Clip from Patton Oswalt’s new set, “My Weakness Is Strong. ” |WarmingGlow|

A&E has a new reality series: Steven Seagal: Lawman.  I can’t believe they picked this up instead of the series I was pitching to them, Tony Jaa: Elephant Puncher. |ScreenJunkies|

If you liked Turtle Rape Shoe you’ll love Tortoise Phone Sex with Olivia Munn. |G4|

13 of the Fastest MMA Knockouts Ever |InGameNow|

A five page photo gallery of cleavage, if that’s your thing. |Gunaxin|

Photo gallery of people getting punched in the face, if that’s your thing. |Uncoached|

The 12 Worst Fantasy First-Round Picks Ever.  The best fantasy first-round pick?  Dock Ellis on LSD. |OpenSports|

~ robopanda

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