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(Wayans reps the west-side shockers while MC Backsweat thumbs his approval)

Hollywood Reporter recently broke the casting news on Will Ferrell/Adam McKay’s The Other Guys, and tucked into a story about the acquisition of Ferrell, Eva Mendes, Mark Wahlberg, and Michael Keaton [HELL YES] was the news that they’d also cast Damon Wayans Jr.  (*RECORD SCRATCH*) I’ll grant you that Damon was easily the funniest Wayans brother, but damn, first nephews, now kids?  And it seems like the further down you go on the Wayans family tree the less funny it gets.  Marlon is to the Wayans clan what the retarded Michael Keaton clone was in Multiplicity.  Luckily, the movie does sound kind of sweet aside from that:

[McKay, to MTV last month] “Basically the idea is that you have your star cops of New York City, picture like a Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson-type pair,” McKay explained. “They’re the guys who get all the car chases, all the girls. But this is the story of the guys in the desk next to them, the other guys. It’s Wahlberg, Ferrell and a big ensemble cast around them, in an action-comedy kinda crime movie.”

There’s a bit of “because they’re both black” speculation today that Wayans Jr. might be playing a role previously attached to master-chef [?] Craig Robinson. Robinson would play a competitive police partner to Rob Riggle.  [/Film]

Anyway, it’s basically the same old story — yet another black guy getting a job through sheer nepotism.  Think of all the talented whites and Jews who’ll never get their shot because they didn’t have the family connections to break into the black boy’s club that is Hollywood.  It’s a shame, really.

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