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09.25.07 14 Comments

ComingSoon has the first production photo from Bachelor No. 2, starring Dane Cook, Kate Hudson, Alec Baldwin, and Diora Baird (pictured) who may be the hottest chick to whom I’ve ever masturbated. 

Predictably, it features Dane Cook flailing around and doing something stupid while people pay attention for God knows what reason.  The movie is about a guy (Cook) who other guys hire to take their girlfriends on dates so bad that they’ll go running back to their boyfriends.  Not to be confused with his current movie, in which girls always fall in love with the next guy after they sleep with Dane Cook.  I had no idea this one theme could spawn so much material.

On another note, why the hell is "number" abbreviated "no."?  There’s no "O" in number.  It doesn’t make sense, and neither does Dane Cook’s popularity. 

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