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09.05.07 7 Comments

Despite earlier reports, it appears that Wes Anderson's short Hotel Chevalier will not be playing before The Darjeeling Limited once it hits theatres on September 29th (though it will be released online and included in the DVD).

It also appears that the early press on Darjeeling is not good. From the Hollywood Reporter:

What ensues is like a third-rate Hope and Crosby picture with no big laughs and nothing to say as the completely self-involved threesome ride the rails in a circle back to their dull and uninteresting lives. "Darjeeling" will need all the help it can get to find audiences beyond the stars' committed fans.

While I'm not a person who relies heavily on reviews, especially from the Hollywood Reporter, I've said all along that this looks more like an excuse to dick around India than an idea for a great movie.  And I'll trust pretty much anything that reinforces my own stereotypes.  I watch Michael Bay movies because deep down I know that black people always keep it real, and I use the internet because I know that sexy girls from my area want to meet for hook ups and sexy parties. 

In conclusion, Asian girls are bad at driving. 

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