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04.30.08 33 Comments

With two and a half months to go before the Dark Knight opens, the hype machine is just getting warmed up.  The latest schwag is the giant banner that came out in the UK.  You can see it above – it’s too wide to fit a bigger version on this site, but you can check it out here.  It’s nice that they took the time to make the broken glass look so realistic.

And after the jump, I’ve got the "jokerized" trailer from /Film.  Uh, I’ll let them explain it.

At the latest Dark Knight viral events [no doubt sponsored by herpes-date.com -Ed.], one winner was chosen from the audience to take home a 35mm print of The Dark Knight movie trailer. As it turns out, this 35mm print is actually defaced by The Joker himself [well, not actually…]. One of the winners put the Jokerfied trailer online.

…Yeah, sweet, a 35mm print, just what I’ve always wanted.  It’s kind of like when indie filmmakers send me stuff, and think I’m gonna be all excited to get a t-shirt with the name of their movie and release date on it.  Yeah, sweet, bro, I’ll be a hit at the club in this.  And guess what, ladies?  I’ve also got the screener DVD back at my apartment.  Mmm-mmm, I can tell you’re already gettin’ all hot, so I won’t even tell you about all the free pens with the name of my bank on them.  Oops! I’m so naughty!   


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