Dark Knight Rises Set Pics: Matthew Modine found your mom’s panties

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11.01.11 17 Comments

Matthew Modine was recently photographed on the New York set of The Dark Knight Rises testing the elastic on a pair of lacy pink panties with a crotch front big enough for even your mom’s sweaty jungle muff. The caption possibilities are endless. Could those be the pretty pink panties through which he fingerbanged Mary Jane Rottencrotch from Full Metal Jacket? POSSIBLY. But here’s my caption:

“Yes, gentlemen, it’s true that we Mormons wear magic underwear, but no one said they had to be boring.”

Pretty good, huh? …Oh, I’m sorry, did you actually want to hear about the movie? Sorry, let’s get to that.

He will be portraying a ‘politician and a key villain’ called Nixon in the upcoming conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s superhero trilogy.
And it’s possible that Modine’s politician is involved some kind of sleaze.
The choice of name, echoing so directly the Watergate disgrace of American president Richard Nixon, probably isn’t a coincidence, either, though he was never linked to a sex scandal.

Whoa, easy there, Professor McFreud, it’s also the name of a watch company. Let’s just leave it at “corrupt politician.”

30-year-old Levitt plays John Blake, a Gotham City beat cop assigned to special duty under the command of Commissioner Gordon, played by Gary Oldman.
Gordon-Levitt, who is reportedly dating Scarlett Johansson, will no doubt equally attract some female attention as a man in blue.

I was a man in blue once, until a beat cop assigned me some Scarlett Johansson photos. (*dodges tomato, seltzer to the crotch, yanked off stage by giant hook*)
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