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In what will surely become the heartwarming hobo story of the year, British “tramp” Raymond Emanuel landed a part in Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes after a talent scout was spotted by Emanuel getting blown by a man saw Emanuel leaving a theatre where he’d been sheltering from the cold.  Living on the streets for the past seven months, Emanuel says he’d been drinking windex, shitting in the street and bellowing at parking metres looking after his sick mother when the money ran out.

His distinguished looks created such an impression that he was asked to play an MP in Guy Ritchie’s movie of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective. Despite never acting before, Raymond, 56, was booked for a costume fitting the next day. He was paid £20 for the costume fitting and £75 for his day’s acting. The agent waived her usual 10 per cent fee because of his circumstances. When the movie is released later this year the former tramp will be seen on the front bench of the House of Commons. [Mirror]

Bums in parliament?  Why, it’s elementary my dear Watson!  WHACKETY SCHMACKETY DOO…

Semi-related: John Hodgeman’s delightful PBS documentary, Hobo Matters. “There have been hoboes in the U.S. since there’ve been trains and alcohol, which is to say, forever.”

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