Social Network producer says cocaine-off-bare-breasts scene stays

08.25.10 7 years ago 31 Comments

(Diora Baird is really open-minded)

David Fincher’s The Social Network looks like a slick, Oliver Stone-y take on the Facebook founder to the point that it borders on parody, but there’s a silver lining to that cloud: a scene where they snort cocaine of chicks’ boobs, like in Any Given Sunday. I hear your mom tried to pull the same thing with some microwave meth, but ruined it by lactating. ;-(

In an article published Friday, producer Scott Rudin told the New York Times that he has been involved in a months-long dialog with Facebook execs to assuage concerns about the film. He said he allowed certain execs to read the script and made changes to accommodate small requests. He also said he had not decided whether to cut or alter a scene depicting Sean Parker [Justin Timberlake], a Napster co-founder who played a major role in the early days of Facebook, delivering a key speech at a party while two young women offer lines of cocaine from naked breasts. One person told the Times that the Parker scene was mostly made up, though Rudin said his main concern about the scene was whether it would jeopardize a PG-13 rating.
Now sources tell THR the scene will remain in the film, set for release October 1. [HollywoodReporter]

Well it’s nice to see that film doesn’t resort to cheap sensationalism.  Also, snorting coke of a girl’s boobs?  That’s sooo passé.  Hey, Social Network, 1975 called, it wants its drug trick back.  You figure out a way to get a cherry lit on a chick’s labes and suck the smoke out her ass like a bong, then I’ll be impressed.

Sidenote: the only bigger coke fiend than Chuck E. Cheese is Chester Cheetah.

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