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07.07.09 23 Comments

After having previously reported on studios going forward with movies about Candyland and Bazooka Joe, nothing should surprise me at this point.  And yet, when I first heard the rumor of a View-Master movie, I thought it had to be a joke.  That’s right, a View-Master movie.  And it’s not a joke.

Remember View-Master, the Fisher-Price toy with those little 3D picture discs of mountains, rivers and caverns that you could rotate through a viewfinder? Well, DreamWorks is in negotiations to acquire movie rights to the toy from Mattel (which owns Fisher-Price) and has asked Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci to do some “Transformers”-style magic on it. [THR]

Transformers style magic, huh?  I’m not sure what they’re picturing.  I think maybe they thought Orci and Kurtzman could just walk in, set off a smoke bomb and go, “Ta da! Now this idea isn’t f-cking retarded!”

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