Dustin Hoffman will save you, Fockers!

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08.25.10 45 Comments

Little Fockers looks terrible (and reportedly cost $100M to make), but as they say in Hollywood, that was yesterday, grandpa.  You better be ready to rascal scooter your ass down to the multiplex come December, because now Little Fockers has a secret weapon: DUSTIN HOFFMAN.  That’s right, Mr. Motherf*cking Magorium himself.  Kiss his rings, bitch.

Despite initially being written out of the upcoming comedy [sic] Little Fockers, Dustin Hoffman will indeed be reprising his role in the Meet the Fockers sequel, EW has confirmed. His scenes come courtesy of a series of pickup shots Universal is adding to the film, including some opposite onscreen wife Barbra Streisand. Hoffman reportedly will be receiving a salary equivalent to what he would have received had he been cast in the first place.
UPDATE: Hoffman will be in four scenes, some indeed with Streisand, a studio source confirms. These were shot during one week of additional photography, after Hoffman had seen the movie and wanted to be a part of it. [EW]

Just to reiterate, Dustin Hoffman saw the movie and he really wanted to be in it, and it had NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with getting his full salary for one week of work.  My sources are unclear on what finally convinced him to do the movie — the part where they repeat “Focker” 12 times, the scene where Robert DeNiro gets stabbed in the boner, the part where Ben Stiller gets puke on his face, the scene where Ben Stiller ruins thanksgiving dinner by squirting blood on everyone, or just the general this-movie-was-written-by-a-Nigerian-spambot vibe.  But I understand, it’s so hard to choose just one, it’s like trying to pick a favorite Chumbawumba song. (*stabs Robert DeNiro in the boner*)

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