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10.07.08 17 Comments

Before you get all excited, the person who made this picture played a little fast and loose with the censoring star.  Bottom line, some Forgetting Sarah Marshall DVDs got shipped in which Kristen Bell’s nipples came unblurred.

Normally, when a high profile actress like Kristen Bell agrees to preform a sex scene that requires nudity… producers agree to blur out any accidental slips of her sacred privates…  There was only one problem – the blur had mysteriously moved in certain stills… so instead of covering up Bell’s famous assets it shaded an unimportant part of her arm… Oops.
…in the added clip her bouncing breasts were not able to be seen.. due to the scene’s dark setting. However… we were able to brighten image stills taken from those few seconds… leaving the “Heroes” actress temporarily exposed. 

Awesome right?  Oh, except Kristen Bell was wearing pasties during the scene anyway.  So, to recap, a couple frames of Kristen Bell’s pastie-covered nipples came unblurred in a scene where it was too dark to see them, so these guys paused, saved the frames, and lightened them in Photoshop so that you could almost see something.  Not very sexy, but it’s like a nice, nostalgic travel back in time to the days when you could jerk off to scrambled softcore on satellite.  These days, if a dog’s not getting fisted I can’t even get a boner.

[Check out the uncensored versions here, though keep in mind even the uncensored versions have pasties over the nips]

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