The Nic Cage Crystal Pepsi Denim Jacket, from eBay

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02.27.13 10 Comments

Do you live near a Goodwill and/or have a dad/grandpa with a closet? Can you kind of draw Nic Cage? If you answered yes to both of these questions, YOU could make yourself a quick $80 on eBay. Just ask the enterprising jacobwrf here. Or better yet, talk to his PHAT WALLET. (Yes, there was a bid).

If he makes four of these, he could dress the entire Brookline High quiz team.

“looks good man”

Lack of commas aside, it certainly does. If the economy ran on novelty value, Nic Cage would never have gone broke from buying too many dinosaur skulls and cobra venom in the first place.

I kind of wish this jean wash could be called “Crystal Pepsi Denim.”

[ebay via this guy – thanks, Burnsy]

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