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11.19.09 29 Comments

(Here’s a giant Eddie Murphy head, or as the
Meet Dave producers call it, ‘more money we may as well have used as a jizz mop’.)

Pretty much every movie Eddie Murphy’s made for last 15 years has been about as funny as a baby otter getting hit by a truck.  It’s like trannies have unfunny juice in their she-cocks or something.  But at the very least, Eddie’s next movie won’t be a kid flick, and that’s progress.

The A-lister is attached to produce and could potentially star in “The Misadventures of Fluffy,” a new buddy comedy that’s been set up at Paramount. Sam Pitman and Adam Cole-Kelly sold the pitch for the R-rated comedy and will write the script. The project is described as a road trip pic through New York featuring talking animals, and with an element of social comedy reminiscent of Murphy’s 1980’s hit “Trading Places.”

Yeah.  So I don’t know what to make of it, It sounds pretty wacky.  All I can picture is Eddie in a leather jumpsuit, pacing in front of a herd of llamas yelling, “Faggots ain’t allowed to look at my ass!”  Because llamas are totally queer, you see.  What I’d really like to see is Eddie Murphy and Tom Cruise in a road trip comedy about the search for the perfect bed and breakfast — As Long as There Aren’t Any Gays in There, opening this Valentine’s Day.

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