Empire Strikes Back Pics: Star Wars Before CG

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10.13.10 24 Comments

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There’s a new coffee-table book coming out this month called The Making of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, and Vanity Fair just published some of the pictures.  While I’ve seen a few of them before — I published the one about how they created the text-crawl effect a while back — there’s still a ton of cool stuff from the days before George Lucas could just add a stupid family of CGI squirrels in the background if he wanted to (and it’s only by the grace of God that he ever gets talked out of it).  The shot of Harrison Ford sitting on the X-wing makes it look like they created the X-wing fighter effect by pretty much just building an entire X-wing fighter.  It even says that they considered using a monkey for the walking shots of Yoda because a model wouldn’t look right (they made the monkey wear pants, because with George Lucas around, you never know).  A monkey!  Christ, what did you do if you had to masturbate back then?  Chisel your porn out of marble?

[more pics bigger over at VanityFair]

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