Enjoy a Catpuccino with Your Morning Links

01.21.14 4 years ago

Erxtra furm plrzz


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The Morning Links
hourofpower2Come to this comedy show, Los Angeles! Thursday! The Hour of Power just added Kumail Nanjiani. For $5! Seriously, don’t do it for me, I have no business even being on this show.  -Vince |Hour of Power|

FilmDrunk Top 10 Movies of 2013 |FilmDrunk|

Is This What Football Would Sound Like with a British Announcer? We Should Hope So |UPROXX|

Barkwatch (Dog ‘Baywatch’ Parody) |UPROXX Video|

Why What You’re Thinking about Who the Killer is on ‘True Detective’ is Probably Wrong |Warming Glow| I’m thinking the killer is the pacing LOL

The Sacramento Kings are Now Accepting Bitcoin |With Leather|

Meet the Stay-At-Home Mom Making $30K per Month from Her Bigfoot Porn Novels |Gamma Squad|

What if the NFL Logos Were Hipsters? |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

The Primer: 10 Aaliyah Songs Everyone Should Know |Smoking Section|

American Apparel mannequins now showing full pubic hair |death&taxes| As Rob Reiner says: I don’t mind it.

What Movie Monster Do You Want Your Significant Other to Dress Up As When They Propose to You? |Videogum|

HBO’s CEO Doesn’t Care That You Are Sharing Your HBO Go Password |BuzzFeed| HBO’s CEO knew like, 2 months ago that you shared your password with Travis. HBO’s CEO and Travis talk WAY more than you think. Like, when’s the last time you saw Travis’ phone, because I GUARANTEE YOU that HBO’s CEO was in his recent messages. HBO’s CEO told everyone not to go to your birthday party. That’s why no one went. People don’t listen to you. People LISTEN to HBO’s CEO.

25 Films That Are Shockingly Able to Call Themselves “Oscar Nominated” |Pajiba| Norbit > Citizen Kane

Peter Dinklage Riding a Razor Scooter |The Superficial|

Anne Hathaway and Mark Wahlberg Were Supposed To Be The Leads in ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ |IDLYITW| “Y’outta ya fackin MIND, TIFF!”

Hipster Remake of ‘American Psycho’ is Fantastic Even If You Don’t Understand It |BroBible|

This Cat GIF Will Hit You In All the Feels |Guyism|

There’s Drunk, and Then There’s Russian Drunk |The Chive|

Best Tennis Players from Ukraine |Ranker| Blessed are we, who read the lists.

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