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08.06.08 28 Comments

Eric Bana, whom you may remember as the Hulk before Ed Norton, or even better, as Chopper, is making his directorial debut with Love the Beast.

…a documentary about his 25-year love affair with a 1974 Ford Falcon Coupe.

Bana describes "Beast," which took him two years to shoot, as "an unexpectedly emotional journey" in which he explores the importance of friends, hobbies and what it means to live life to the fullest.

Doc includes cameos from talkshow host Dr. Phil and Brit auto-aficionado Jeremy Clarkson ("Top Gear"). [Variety]

Bana recently screened the film for a group of his old mates from high school who described it as "truly fantastic.  And surprisingly touching.  *cough* queer *cough, cough*"

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