"Everything you need to know about Blockbuster's bankruptcy"

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09.27.10 27 Comments

Blockbuster filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last week with plans to close down as many as 800 stores (interestingly, their $1 billion dollars of debt is only a fourth of MGM‘s), and in response, Consumerist created this infographic.  As they say themselves:

Yes, this is a gross oversimplification, but you know… whatever.

I don’t even know what the numbers on the side of the graph mean, but I agree with those other people who don’t care either.  F8ck  Blockbuster.  They came in, drove out all the independent video stores with decent porn collections, played ad reels of crappy Viacom movies instead of old cool stuff on the store TVs, quadrupled late fees, and started censoring movies.  Not to mention a pretty crappy selection.  I haven’t been so excited to see something fail since my step-brother Ted.  Yeah, how’s the real estate business now, a-hole?  Maybe you can pawn one of your sweet ties.

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