Exclusive: If Mel Gibson was a script editor

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07.16.10 28 Comments

As you dysfunctional c*nts can probably imagine, I’ve seen about a million Mel Gibson mashups in the last few days.  It seems like every lazy wetback and Jew with a couple pennies to rub together is making one.  Trouble is, most of them aren’t that good.  That said, handsome reader Oliver Noble edited this one especially for us, and I think it’s pretty swell.

The concept is that Mel Gibson has been hired as a script editor on some of your favorite classic films.  It’s nicely edited, and the clips are well chosen.  The part where Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz gang recoil in fear lolz me every time.   Hey, remember when we thought “GIMME BACK MY SON!” was the height of Mel Gibson humor?  Jeez, up until about a week ago, we were like Neanderthals queefing on the walls of our caves.

“What our movie presupposes is, maybe she did deserve it?”

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