FLAMING NIC CAGE SKULL! Ghost Rider 2 has a trailer.

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08.23.11 16 Comments

This trailer for Ghost Rider 2: Voodoo Glow Skull came out a couple days ago and somehow slipped by. But fear not, for that shall be REMEDIED IMMEDIATELY! Now, I know, the idea of making a second Ghost Rider film would be considered nearly universally idiotic by anyone not directly involved in the production, but teaming directors Neveldine and Taylor (the apples of Armond White’s eye) with Nic Cage is an idea so batsh*t it just might work. At the very least, it’s a train wreck I’d like to witness. And besides, it’s called Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. Get it? He’s a spirit, and he’s out for vengeance! It works on so many levels!

Did, uh… that end with Ghost Rider shooting dick flames?

[HD via Apple]


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