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This isn’t news and it certainly isn’t new (thank God, Bo Derek is 53 now), but it would be criminal not to share it with you (you’re welcome).  Consider it a Forgotten Classics: Boner Edition.  Anyway, it comes from 1981’s Tarzan, the Ape Man.  You can see the awesome uncensored picture and mesmerizing NSFW gif animation here.  It’s billed as “The most beautiful woman of our time in the most erotic adventure of all time,” and the first user review on IMDB says “Absolutely the worst Tarzan film ever made.” But the important thing is watching a chimp get to second base with Bo Derek.   Is it wrong to be really turned on by this?  I guess not, it’s not like he’s railing her from behind.  …Though I’d probably be turned on by that too.  The chimp could take her from behind and then throw poop at her.  I think I saw Ron Jeremy do that one time.

[Thanks to Ufford/WarmingGlow for the tip]

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