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07.13.09 32 Comments

Today’s Forgotten Classic is a little gem you might have missed from 1999 called The Duke.  Tagline: “Royalty has gone to the dogs.”  First line of the trailer: “He may have royal blood, but he ain’t nothing but a hound dog.”  So it’s basically King Ralph if John Goodman was a bloodhound.  Not surprisingly, the trailer is two and half minutes of pure sustained awesomeness.

Things to look for:

  • 0:36 Doggy green screen shot, with flapping lips
  • 0:44 Dog with a crown
  • 0:54 Shaking paws with the queen
  • 1:02 Hail to the duke!
  • 1:39 Fart sound followed by dog-with-cocked-head reaction shot
  • 1:59 Dog with goggles/dog in sidecar
  • 2:15 Dog in croquet outfit, followed by man getting hit in the crotch with a croquet ball.  Haha, get it??  Dogs can’t play croquet!!

Sadly, this was to be James “Scotty” Doohan’s last film role.  He’s currently in heaven, arguing with Raul Julia over whose last movie was sh-ttier.

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