Four Minutes of Nic Cage Releasing the Pigs

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Nic Cage is an interesting dude, and not just because he collects dinosaur skulls and speaks to the UN about children eating each other.  He’s been in almost as many of my favorite movies (Adaptation, Herzog’s Bad Lieutenant) as he has my least favorite (anything Jerry Bruckheimer).  This paradox is probably a result of him bringing a level of… energy, and, uh… commitment, that few actors could match. Herzog, while shooting Bad Lieutenant, famously tried to harness Cage’s spazzy energy by keeping him bottled up most of the time, but every now and then telling him to “turn the pig loose,” which I like to imagine led to him socking a make-up girl in the mouth on more than a few occasions.

It goes without saying that Nic Cage’s “Release the Pigs” moments are some of the most bizarrely fascinating in all of cinema, and my plan for Oliver’s follow-up to the Every Arnold Scream Mash Up was a cut of Nic Cage going nuts. Unfortunately, those nerds at Pajiba beat us to it.  Here’s four minutes of Cage releasing the pigs set to the Requiem for a Dream score. In other news, I just got a mental image of Nic Cage in his bear suit from Wicker Man going ass-to-ass with John Travolta, so enjoy that for a few minutes.

[Pajiba has the list of all the movies used in this]

And after the jump, Burnsy shares some of his favorite Nic Cage pictures.

Bird Hair


Nic Working Out

Nic Pointing

Nic Praying

Nic's Mustache


Nic with Hair

Nic's Eyebrows

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Bad Lieutenant 2

Cage and the Galaxy


War Inc.

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