Fox Might Want to Rethink Their X-Men Tie-In With ‘eXtreme Creme’ Twinkies

05.16.14 2 years ago • 36 Comments

With its director currently in hot water over his (ALLEGED) predilection for young, hairless boys (aka Twinks), you’d think Fox and Hostess might want to rethink their X-Men: Days of Future Past product tie-in with Hostess “eXtreme creme” Twinkies (those jokes are all yours, Hoss). Amazingly, this might not even be the most embarrassing product tie-in for this movie.

On the other hand… EXXXXXTREEEEEEEEEEEME CREEEEEEEMME!!! (*grinds 50-foot rail on skateboard while double-fisting Twinkies, squirts red and blue creme onto face with both hands while Slash shreds the national anthem*)

I don’t understand why they didn’t use Hugh Jackman and his huge veins in the ads. I mean, if anything makes me want to suck the cream out of a dick-shaped pastry, it’s that guy. Wait, that’s not what I meant to type! Damn this Freudian keyboard!

[Thanks to @MrJoshGreenberg for this find]

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