Sources familiar with the dealmaking say Fox and Warner are close to a settlement over the rights to Watchmen, according to the Hollywood Reporter.  WB had originally requested this Friday’s injunction hearing be moved up to Monday, but then changed their minds when negotiations between the two companies began going well.  It now seems likely that the March 6th release will move forward as planned.

I bet how this went down was that the two lawyers were all up in each other’s faces and the WB lawyer was all like, “We made this movie! All you care about is making money!” and the Fox lawyer was all like, “It was our movie! You had no right to make it!” and then the WB lawyer was all, “I can’t even look at you!” and Fox was like, “I hate your guts!” and then all of a sudden they both throw down their briefcases and start making out and tear each other’s clothes off right there on the conference table.  And then the judge would come by to see how things were going and the windows would be all fogged up and he would just look at the camera and go, “Huh, guess I’d better come back later.”  I don’t about you guys, but I have a huge boner right now.

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