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06.26.09 13 Comments

Friday Free For All is that time of the week when I post videos that may or may not be timely, newsworthy, or relevant.  Because only a-holes work hard on Friday.  Send your tips to (preferably on Friday morning, because Daddy drinks to forget).

Two Friday Free for All clips today: the first, above, which is old but awesome, details monkey drinking habits. Which as it turns out are strikingly similar to our own.  Videos’s a little long by internet standards and definitely more “interesting” than funny, but great for reinforcing your alcoholism if you’ve got three minutes to spare.  Among the insights:

“Monkeys that are heavy drinkers make better leaders, respected by other monkeys.”

See?  Monkeys are just like frat guys. (*chugs beer, looks around for chest bump*)  And if you don’t have three minutes to spare, check out the cat in the wig and cape after the jump.  Made me laugh almost instantly.  I think he might be a Brimley Cat.

[both videos courtesy OhHaveyouSeenThis]

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