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10.16.09 40 Comments

I know there will come a time, probably very soon, when I’ll get tired of Linkin Park guy singing to his computer while trying to eye hump his web cam.  But for now I love this goofy son of a bitch.  Really, I dare you to watch the first ten seconds of this and not laugh.  It’s impossible.  He does the echo part so well! I’m not gonna lie, I miss the tank top a little. And wait a minute, is that a wedding ring I see?  Are we to believe that there’s a Mrs. Linkin Park guy?  I believe a duet is in order.  God, how awesome would it be to see Mr. and Mrs. Linkin Park guy, Rooster, and Trish, all rocking out to Ozzy in the Neverending Story van?  I’d party with ’em.  (*chugs budweiser, chucks can at bonfire*)

[Thank Bobby Hacker for discovering this guy]

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