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03.28.08 55 Comments

Friday Free for All is a regular feature on FilmDrunk in which I post random videos from around the world, and from movies new and old – united solely by their awesomeness. Send your tips to, and no, I’m not going to post your boyfriend’s hilarious 12-minute parody of The Bourne Identity.

I once thought High School Musical had homosexual undertones.  Today’s clip blows [pun intended] it out the water.  It comes courtesy of a tip from Robby, who notes:

10 things to watch for in this video:
1. The show’s name is The Naked Brothers Band
2. The song is called "Banana Smoothie", slang for semen
3. Creepy pedophile cameraman
4. Phallic banana microphone
5. Lyrics: "Drink up/taste and swallow it. Get up/get on top of it…"
6. Kid on a fucking leash!
7. Boys with coconut bras flexing stomachs
8. Bukkake style milkshake fight
9. White substance flowing down staircase into kitchen
10. Giant banana fight

I heard Gary Glitter is planning a cover, to be recorded upon his release from Vietnamese prison.

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