Friday Free-For-All: Even More Hard Ticket to Hawaii

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05.14.10 28 Comments

Ever since Vinnie Bagganonuts posted a clip of Hard Ticket to Hawaii last year I’ve been flat out obsessed with this movie. A few weeks ago, I decided that it was time to hunt this classic down and purchase it so that I can watch it, love it, be buried with it and watch it eternally. I emailed Vincenzo and told him I was going to purchase it, copy it for myself and then offer it up as a COTW prize for one of you lucky stinkers.

First, I checked Amazon and the result led to two responses: Me: “You’ve got to be f*cking kidding me” and Vince: “What the f*ck?” Amazon has two used – USED! – copies on DVD starting at $69.99. I wouldn’t pay $70 for a 23-year old hooker let alone a movie. So I checked on eBay and the only listings were for VHS. I like to think it was God’s way of telling me I wasn’t meant to see this masterpiece.


If it’s any consolation, here’s the cover art for the Special Edition(!):

A couple notes:

– There’s an Andy Sedaris Collection. That is impressive.
– “This Ain’t No Hula!” may be the greatest tagline of all-time.

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