Frotcast Episode 8: The Two Buseys

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08.05.10 28 Comments

(At Gary Busey’s house, this is what we like to call “Tuesdays.”)

This week’s Frotcast was much like your sister’s butt, in that it was so big that we had to split it into two parts.  I’m posting them both, but you can listen/download separately for easier computing.  This week we kind of did a theme thing.  In part one, we speak with Brian Massingill, who may or may not be the heir to a sizable douche fortune, a FilmDrunkard who was assigned to be Gary Busey’s personal assistant on a small film shooting in Austin.  Imagine being 22 and suddenly having Gary Busey injected into your social life 24 hours a day for a few weeks and you get some idea as to what we’re talking about.  Calling your mom late at night, breaking into your roommate’s room while he’s sleeping… let’s just say the kid has some stories.  He says he once told Gary Busey that he needed to get to the set, and Gary yelled, “I will rip out your spleen and eat it like a banana!”

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In part 2, we talk to Jacktion! and Pauly Dangerously, frequent FilmDrunk commenters and two of the minds behind the Fake Gary Busey Twitter.  We talk to them about the creation of their Twitter persona, and what it’s like to have more followers than Jimmy Kimmel, Patton Oswalt, and Marvel Comics. (It should also be noted that Bea Kay at Geektress started the Busey Twitter, and I should’ve included her in the interview, but six people on one phone line is already about three too many).

Finally, we wrap things up with a discussion about Dinner for Schmucks, which Brendan and I hated, but Pauly liked.

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