Gary Busey joins the cast of Piranha 3 Double D

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04.27.11 102 Comments

"Hello? No, the bees couldn't get to me on account of I tucked my slacks into my socks. But tell me, is there a way to get coyote blood out of a suede vest?"

Just a day after it was announced that the Piranha 3D sequel would actually be called Piranha 3DD (three double d), we’ve gotten word that Gary Busey will be joining the cast.  Jesus, guys, are we just going to do anything the internet suggests now?  If so, I demand starring roles for Lobster Dog and the Llama Who Looks Like Taylor Lautner, and Vince Vaughn walking through the background of every scene eating an ice cream cone.

I guess the obvious question is, in a fight between Gary Busey and a school of piranha, whose teeth are more dangerous?  I say Busey, because he can smell fear.

Gary Busey once entered a cock fight and was disqualified for insider trading.

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