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03.18.10 23 Comments

There’s a new Star Wars animated TV spinoff on the way, and you know what that means.  Exactly, George Lucas needs more money to fill the bullfrog pouch in his neck.  You see, the money acts as millstones for grinding up kitten bones so that George Lucas can digest them, much like the chitinous plates found in the gizzard of a bird.

IESB has exclusively learned that George Lucas is currently in pre-production on yet another Star Wars animated series. The key demographic? Pre-School to Kindergarten aged children, yes, the Star Wars: Galactic Heroes will be gracing televisions very soon. The latest from Lucasland a.k.a. Skywalker Ranch is that a director has been brought on board to direct the new series based on the popular line of toys. The working title for the TV series is believed to be “Squishies.

You’re f*cking kidding me now, right?  My sources say the show takes its name from Lucas’ pet name for his girlfriend’s titties.  Oh how he hates those things.  “Ew, not the squishies again!” he’ll say.

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