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02.26.10 15 Comments

French MSN recently posted a featurette from Iron Man 2, mainly focusing on the racecar sequence they filmed in Monaco.  They even include a new snippet from the film, in which Tony Stark speaks French to the guards, who take him to see Mickey Rourke’s character, Ivan Vanko.  You know, the one he did all that research banging Russian chicks for.  Anyway, my French isn’t perfect, but I believe he said, “How many of zem weess za cheese?  Za snail must drink za garlic. Girdle buttons.”

I think Mickey Rourke is trying to challenge John Malkovich’s Rounders benchmark for ridiculous Russian accent having.

*AC/DC’s “Shoot to Thrill” fades in*
*lights cat on fire*
*helicopters dick*

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