Girl with the Dragon Tattoo releases another boob poster

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06.10.11 28 Comments


I’ve already posted three posters with different versions of this same picture from David Fincher’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, but in this new version, Rooney Mara’s booblets are EVEN CLEARER, so I figure I better post it since I can’t imagine anything more riveting than that. I had to post the full, uncensored version after the jump below, because, as Entertainment Weekly notes, this thing is “extremely NSFW.”  And boy, nothing drives home the sheer absurdity of things we consider taboo like the fact that one, partially-uncovered nipple can be considered “extremely unsafe” to view at work.  RUN FOR YOUR LIVES, IT’S AN AREOLA THE SIZE OF THE CHRYSLER BUILDING!

Rooney Mara seems perfectly cute, but that is one of the more boring titties I’ve ever seen.  Not even when I considered the swimsuit edition hardcore porn and could climax to a stiff breeze would this have given more than minor chub.  At best, a light plumping, like a Ballpark frank.

(here’s the trailer, in case you’re interested):

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