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11.13.07 90 Comments

Gladiator/American Gangster director Ridley Scott has found a project to work on once he finishes his Gladiator of Robin Hoods flick.

His latest is called Stones, and thankfully, it involves Stonehenge, which I’ve always considered the American Gangster of ancient mysteries (suck it, Atlantis).

A supernatural thriller written by Matt Cirulnick, the story revolves around the ancient, religious archaeological sites around the world getting destroyed by some mysterious agency. All of these places have some kind of forgotten purpose and Stonehenge, the ring of standing stones supposedly assembled and raised by the Druids thousands of years ago, is the key to understanding the mystery. [U.G.O.]

I’m happy to see this because I’ve always wondered just how the druids managed to pile all those big ass heavy rocks onto each other without the benefit of cranes or robots and whatnot.  But I was hoping Bruckheimer would produce it and we’d find out it was really rappin’ animals and pirate ghosts, and maybe a straight talking black in a sports car.  Come to think of it, he probably explains it in the “book of secrets”. But if it’s between not knowing the answers to the world’s mysteries and having to sit through a Nic Cage movie… well, I think you know where I stand.

Of course, Scott still has to shoot Body of Lies with DiCaprio and Crowe, then Nottingham, then this.  Meaning this will be releasing in approximately 2057.  

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