If you need any incentive to watch the Gone with the Pope trailer after the jump, allow me to describe just two parts of it. Actual dialogue from the above frame:

“People of the United States: Judges, cops, all the law; I got somethin for ya!  Take this!  And stick it up in ya mother’s twat!”

Actual dialogue from the frame below:

“Looks like brillo.”

(NSFW for swearing, brief boobage, and the apparent sexual assault of a 400-pound hooker)

As discovered by /Film, it’s a B-movie originally made in 1975, but left unfinished after the death of star Duke Mitchell. It was recently completed by Bob Murawski, a film editor from The Hurt Locker and Drag Me to Hell. The finished version is set to premiere March 12th at the Egyptian theater in Hollywood. From /Film‘s press release:

Of all the films I have been involved with, the one that I am most proud of is GONE WITH THE POPE,” Murawski said. “Completing this movie was a 15-year labor of love. No expense or effort was spared in rescuing this classic from cinematic oblivion and finishing it with the utmost quality.

Man, how is it b-movies have taken such a huge step backwards in the last 30 years? This makes the best thing Troy Duffy’s ever done look like a retarded kid farting on a speak n spell.

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