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05.28.09 23 Comments

G4 recently debuted this trailer for Pandorum, starring Ben Foster and Dennis Quaid…

…as two spacemen who awaken aboard their ship with no memory of their mission or identities. The film opens in theaters on September 4th, 2009.

So, aliens on a spaceship, huh?  How many times have we made this movie now?  I realize there aren’t any new concepts, but at least maybe we could combine old ones?  Like maybe they’re on a spaceship full of aliens… and one of the aliens has to tell his parents he’s gay.  Or maybe they’re on a spaceship full of aliens… and they entertain the nazis by playing the flute.

UPDATE: Ufford over at WarmingGlow just alerted me to the presence of Cam Gigandet. That confirms it, this will suck. Cam Gigandet = suck. It’s science.

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