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04.03.09 25 Comments

Fighting stars Channing Tatum as a “tough street kid” who gets mentored in the fight game by Terrence Howard (though in real life, the only thing Terrence Howard beats is a djembe).  So basically it’s Never Back Down but set in New York and with a lighter-skinned black guy (the white guys look basically the same). MTV says

Channing Tatum is seemingly everywhere these days, with his high-profile starring turn in “G.I. Joe” coming up this summer. But before then he’ll be taking it to the streets in “Fighting.” In the film, Channing plays a young criminal who becomes immersed in the bare knuckle world of underground fighting.

A bare-knuckle world?  Good heavens!  I’ll stick to wearing white gloves and attending fashionable tea parties, thank you very much.

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