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09.10.08 87 Comments

After the jump, I’ve got the full poster and trailer for Nothing Like the Holidays.  Debra Messing accompanies her new husband John Leguizamo home to celebrate Christmas with his family and, ¡Ay Dios mio!  They’re all Mexican Puerto Rican!  (Seriously, does Hollywood have something against Mexicans?  “Mexican” just has a nicer ring to it.)

I’m not gonna lie, despite the cheesy concept and horrible poster and the fact that it’s a Christmas movie, it doesn’t look that awful.  John Leguizamo, Alfred Molina, and Freddy Rodriguez are all fine actors.  But still, no Danny Trejo?  He better show up during the climactic dinner scene.

“Deedju meess me, puto?”
*pulls out a shotgun and blasts Molina in the chest*

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