This is called “The Worst Homemade Star Wars Costumes,” but they’re clearly the best.  Boba Fett with khaki shorts and braided belt?  Yes, please.  Belts with shorts is ALWAYS COOL. [HolyTaco]

I like it when peoples’ April Fool’s Day stories are more creative than “OMG, so-and-so’s in the next Batman!”  On that note, Michael Bay has been hired to win the war in Afghanistan. [ScreenJunkies]

“Moms Even Freakier Than the Octomom”.  I can barely look at this list because “your mom” isn’t one of the entries.  HOW DO YOU IGNORE A JOKE THAT OBVIOUS!?  [Atom]

Rob Schneider says he loved The Hot Chick, but it got released at the wrong time and other funny things. [Bullz-Eye]

Five rare celebrity videos leaked to the internet. [Meetthefamous]

Robert Pattinson sings three songs on the soundtrack of his next movie, so now you’ll have something to not listen to AND something to not watch. [DailyFill]

And of course, you can’t go wrong with pictures of Mickey Rourke and his dog, Jaws.  My heart… so warm…

[Thanks to Pauly for the video, more Mickey Rourke pics at PopBytes]

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