Help us raise $10K for charity

Senior Editor

Like probably a lot of people, I feel like I need the occasional good deed to really purify my soul and justify my being an unapologetic jerk most of the rest of the time. And what better time to start feeling good about yourself than Christmas? Here at UPROXX we were trying to figure out a way to do something nice for charity this year, like we normally do around this time, and Guinness just so happened to step in with this matching plan.

Cajun Boy has the rundown over at Uproxx main, but basically, all you have to do is pledge to do a good deed and Guinness will donate $100 to a charity of our choosing. So DO IT. Go over to Uproxx (and then Guinness) and help someone out. It’ll help you feel less bad about flipping someone off while you fight over mall parking later.

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