Bill Murray and Charlie Sheen in a movie together

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11.07.11 6 Comments

"...So then I shove the kid and I'm like, 'Nitschke was a pussy!'"

When I first heard Roman Coppola had cast Charlie Sheen and Bill Murray in his new movie, I figured it was like one of those dumb memes where people just mash two internet things together (get it? it’s pictures of Dr. Who with captions from Parks and Rec!), and wouldn’t really happen. To his credit, Charlie Sheen knows that the first rule of internet is “pics or it didn’t happen,” and tweeted these pictures from the set of Coppola’s A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charlie Swan III. Aside from having a righteous unibrow, Coppola is best known for co-writing The Darjeeling Limited and for being Francis Ford Coppola’s son (and Nic Cage’s cousin). Jason Schwartzman (pictured, right) is also a Coppola cousin.

‘Charlie Swan’ stars Sheen as a successful graphic designer whose fame, money and charm have made him irresistible to women, but his life soon downward spirals into doubt, confusion and reflection when his girlfriend breaks up with him, leading Charlie on the road to self-evaluation.
Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Patricia Arquette, Aubrey Plaza and Katheryn Winnick co-star in the currently filming ‘Charlie Swan.’ [ThePlaylist]

Of course, “Charlie Swan” is also the name of Bella’s dad in Twilight, but if you ask Roman Coppola about it, he just gets all flustered and pretentious, like, duh, I totally meant to come up with the same name as that Mormon lady, isn’t it meta? I suggested that no, it wasn’t, really, but he just stomped off, angrily sipping a soy chai. Coppolas are so sensitive.

(More pictures below — with explosions!)

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