Here’s The Red Band Trailer For The Ridiculously F*cked Up ‘Cheap Thrills’

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12.17.13 5 Comments

Cheap Thrills

I guess you could say that David Koechner is going to play Champ Un-Kind in Cheap Thrills – *pauses for laughter* – as he and Sara Paxton star as one hell of a twisted pair of lovers out to make two friends wealthier by completely ruining their lives. Pat Healy plays a husband and father who was just laid off and is about to be evicted, when he and a beefed-up Ethan Embry are offered an increasing amount of money by Koechner to do increasingly f*cked up things. Basically, this red band trailer for Cheap Thrills makes it seem like this movie will finally help us all answer that question that we’ve always asked – Just how far will I go for a pile of cash?

For me, it’s eating at Long John Silver’s.

Vince’s Note: I saw this at Fantastic Fest, and while I never got around to writing a review, it was pretty good. Also of note: I was sitting at a bar one night just at the edge of earshot from Ethan Embry and David Koechner. I couldn’t hear the conversation, but every five minutes or so, Ethan Embry would shout “WHAMMY!” in Koechner’s face, apparently apropos of nothing.

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